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Time for an update!

Time for an update! Well not really. We are so busy doing other stuff but I just felt compelled to write something. We got a new dog this fall and had to put Babe down a couple of months ago. What a great dog she was and we were lucky to have her for 13 years. Jet is fitting right in though. You can check the photos section of the site. In 2010 we went back to Roatan, Honduras and that’s about it. Another great time though. Work is preventing from doing much of anything except work. Changes are on the horizon. Everything else is just grand. Lots of new gadgets in the house and we even caved and got a Mac Mini. Now I can try to learn how to do iOS apps. Woo hoo. Well that’s it got to go make breakfast and deal with the d.o.g. Who knows what 2011 will bring but I am hoping a couple of trips across the pond are possible. I tried to go to Oktoberfest this year and just couldn’t make it happen. Peace.

Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009

Well I haven’t updated my blog in a while and since I have not received a single email from anyone saying “hey when are you going to update your blog” I am guessing the lack of attention doesn’t matter. Anyway, lots of stuff has occured in the past couple of months. Some of the Highlights:… Continue Reading