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Chris is a geek at heart so when he finds cool tech related stuff he posts it here.

2010 will be the year of the eReader

Amazon started the wave but competitors like Sony and iRex are going to give Amazon a run for their money. Are the Kindle and Kindle DX great? Sure! Problem is you are locked into the Amazon store. Both Sony and iRex allow you to connect to your local library for “Free” books to check out and the massive Google Library. Sony partners with Border and iRex is going to partner with Barnes & Noble. Here’s a video about the new iRex reader which will be sold through Best Buy. $399 has a SD card and wireless capability World Wide!

Learn more about the Sony eReaders at You can also head to your local Borders books store where they have a kiosk with working models. $199 and $299.


Well Annette has had the iPhone 3G for 6 months or so and I finally broke down and got one. So the iPhone is my new “Shiny Object” as Annette puts it. That means I will be spending way too much timing learning about it and all the cool things you can install, do, and… Continue Reading

Domain Name Consolidation

Well we are moving some of our Unix based sites to a new hosting provider. I will do my best to pass old domain names and folders to the right new places. Hopefully you will be able to still find this blog. If you are interested in getting a hosting account we recommend BlueHost.Com Continue Reading

Looking to connect your PC to your TV?

This site is full of all kinds of gadget which enable you to connect your PC to your TV. I currently don’t have a Windows Media Center PC but some of this is looking pretty promising. I know lots of people have their cable hooked up to the PC so they can record video. What… Continue Reading

The place to buy audio, network, iPod, etc cables

Not a very exciting post but certainly practical. I used to head to eBay to purchase cables and chargers for my various gadgets. Now I head to first. Prices are very reasonable and they don’t gouge you on shipping. So check out Monoprice when you are looking to enhance your latest gadget. Here’s what… Continue Reading