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Chris is a geek at heart so when he finds cool tech related stuff he posts it here.

New MP3/Video Player. Zune 80

Well now that I am headed to Cleveland in October and plan on being wedged between two fat people on every flight back and forth from Phoenix I decided it was time to upgrade my mp3 player. I wanted something with video so I could tune out on the long flights. So what did I… Continue Reading

Playing around with TomTom

Just bought a TomTom 920 GPS from Costco, $299.00 (Good deal) Now it’s time to learn everything about it. Two great features are using Google Maps and creating your own POI (Points of Interest) databases. For now I will just show you my POI example. This will let you download all of the Arizona Federal… Continue Reading

Want to extend your smartphone?

This is a promising device. The RedFly Mobile Companion gives you a laptop size keyboard and screen to use with your smartphone. Estimated retail price is $500.00. A lengthly review is available here: The company web site is here: Celio Corp Continue Reading

Well aren’t we lame

So much for updating our blog while we were traveling. We are headed home tomorrow from Zurich. Had a blast in Croatia. We went to Split and then Dubrovnik. I will update this thing sometime soon. You MUST visit Croatia. It rules! Pictures will be on Flickr this week. Our standby flights all worked out.… Continue Reading

Using your phone while travelling abroad.

I am working on a reference document to help sort through all of the options if you want to use your mobile phone while traveling out of the US. There are many. It really depends on how often you travel out of the country and how many calls you anticipate on making. One company to… Continue Reading

Another Operating System for my eeePC

Well after having some minor performance issues with Ubuntu on my eeePC I decided to try a version of PCLinuxOS. On my desktop I have PCLOS running. I think it is the most user friendly Linux operating system out there. Meaning it is the most like Microsoft Windows XP. The configuration interface is very friendly.… Continue Reading

More TV for your PC

Here’s another application that I have to try. Miro. Lots of video content. It looks really promising. There is a brief tour available on the web site. Also, is out of beta so if you are interested in that go check it out. Continue Reading

Pocket PC GPS Applications

I posted this in a Tilt related message forum and figured I would add it to my blog. So I consider myself a bit of a guru when it comes to GPS applications. I use Google Maps, Microsoft Live Search, RunGPS (A great fitness GPS application, Run.GPS) and TomTom. I am using the Taster Version… Continue Reading

RunGps – My fascination with GPS Technology

At work I use GPS everyday. We are lucky enough to have the technology built right into the cockpit. Sure makes life easy when flying from A to B. GPS technology allows us to fly more direct routes and even creates virtual paths (approaches) to airports which don’t have a ground base facility. Well enough… Continue Reading