FJ iPad Dash Mount

I highly recommend mounts from RAM. They are sturdy and I have never had an issue with the many I have owned through the years.

This install requires you to drill two holes into the right side of your dash by the radio. Some cringe at doing this but after researching many options I found this to be the best place to put the iPad. The holes could be covered with a couple of plugs if you sell your vehicle.

Glareshield Mount $21.00

I have a 7″ Nexus Tablet and may buy a holder for that and give it a try with this same setup. Option for 7″ Tablet

My preferred apps are GAIA and MotionX GPS. Just a minor warning. MotionX GPS will NOT work with an external Bluetooth GPS. So you have to have a 3G iPad. GAIA has no issues. The developer disabled the use of external GPS devices.

If you need larger images go here,










I did a better install for securing the RAM Mount. I very carefully used a step drill to create holes just large enough to fit washers and nuts. The bolts were purchased from Lowes. Look in the Automotive section in the hardware aisle. No questions this is as secure as it can get. You may choose to make the holes larger for ease of installation.


Parts List From

Another option,
Pictures show “required” interior dash modification.

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