Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009

Well I haven’t updated my blog in a while and since I have not received a single email from anyone saying “hey when are you going to update your blog” I am guessing the lack of attention doesn’t matter. Anyway, lots of stuff has occured in the past couple of months.

Some of the Highlights:

We spent a ton of time working on my 40th birthday blow-out charity event. All-in-all it was a success. We raised over $2200 for Ear Candy and had a hell of a time doing it. For details on all of that just head over to the web site:

I got a new drumset and I am now taking lessons. God help Annette, Babe, and our neighbors. It’s so much fun learning a new instrument. Annette also surprised me with a sweet guitar on my birthday. I am not worthy of such a nice gift. So I am now playing guitar more and getting back into the whole music thing. It provides stress relief and that is something we all need.

Work – Well work sucks… My base closed as you may have read from a previous post. I am now based in Cleveland and working part-time so I can be at home. I may be headed to Newark, uhg, and I am trying to get back to Houston. None of these options are worth a damn but I have a job and I am still a Captain. At least for the time being. We will see what 2009 brings. Oil went from $147 to $31 a barrell so there is hope.

In 2009 I plan on upping my tech skills again. So look for more posts here and look for me to dig even deeper into the capabilities which WordPress has to offer.

I wish everyone a safe holiday season.

– Chris

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