HAM Radio and Fuse Block Install

Just a quick write up on my install. First of thanks to Don aka Wikid for helping me get everything set up. I could not have done it with his help. I installed a Kenwood TM-D710A Radio and a Blue Sea Fuse Block to power all of my non-Toyota accessories. In the process I removed the direct wiring for my ARB fridge and CB radio from the battery. These are now connected inside the vehicle to the Blue Sea Fuse Block along with my HAM radio. For now everything is always on. I may invest in some relays down the road.

First the radio install. It was not difficult. Don knew how to pull all the panels. With two people it is pretty easy to feed everything through. The radio is under my passenger seat. The microphone chord is fed under the center console with an ethernet cable extension. Wiring for the radio runs along the right side of the center console and to the Blue Sea fuse block. 1 ethernet cable for the radio head goes under the center console and around the drives side paneling, and then up and over to the mirror. The factory ethernet cable is long enough.

Everyone knows I love RAM Mounts. This is a handlebar/mirror mount along with the short arm and diamond plate.

Here is the Blue Sea Fuse Block Setup: It is mounted next to the top of the brake pedal. This does not get in the way. I have size 14 feet and there are no issues. It looks like there are wires going everywhere but it really isn’t that bad. I could try to wedge myself underneath a bit more for clean up. I opted for the 6 spot version. There is 8 gauge wire running from the battery through the firewall using the factory opening on the drivers side. If you are going to run lights and other higher amperage items you may consider running 6awg or 4awg. For my needs 8awg was fine. This is about $125 worth of stuff including the wiring. I purchased the wire at WestMarine. If you plan better you can source it online for less or even have a company make the cables for you with ends to save time. You might consider this place, http://www.genuinedealz.com/6-awg-custom-battery-cables

All of this was inspired by this thread on the “Blue Forums

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