Info about our various travels around the globe:

I have ported over most of the content from my old blog. Check out our travels here and of course take a look at all of our photos on Flickr. This section of the site is more traditional with individual pages vs. blog posts. For ease of editing I may initial create blog posts while on the road and then port them here.

We love to travel. I especially enjoy Europe. I would say our most exotic trip was to Roatan, Honduras in 2007. We were supposed to head to Alaska but the weather was so bad we bailed to the jungle! Roatan is now going to be a permanent  Plan B destination. Lots of stuff still to do there.

“It’s gonna be a celebration b!tches!” – Rick James (Really Dave Chapelle) – We headed back to Europe in April to celebrate 10 years of blissful marriage. Ha! We spent most of our time in Croatia. Specifically in Split and Dubrovnik. What a great country. Nice people, good food, decent beer, and incredible views. What more could you ask for. So take a chance and skip the “known” destinations in Europe and head to Croatia!