Getting to the city:


 If you arrive by bus from Split you will be at the outer bus station. You need to jump on a city bus into Pile or take a cab. Cab is 60 kuna which to me makes it not worth it. The bus is 10 kuna each.  We took the 1A bus same side of street as where you are dropped off. Take about 5-10 minutes into town and you get off at the last stop. You will see the wall of the old city. If you walk straight ahead that is the main entrance into the old city. The airport bus picks up and drops off near the Pile city bus stop. 30k to the airport.




 Apartments Amoret – www.dubrovnik-amoret.hr


In the old city. Recently renovated. Small kitchen. Satellite TV. Clean and friendly owner. Everything is close by. See web site for all the details. We paid about 75 Euro per night. Branca the owner came to meet us at the Onofrio fountain near the Pile gate at the entrance of the city walls to guide us to our place. 3 different locations within the city walls. Being “Apartments” there is no maid service and no resupplying during your stay. So keep track of your towels and you may have to make a TP run at the local store. Rooms are larger than most hotel rooms. For those that are good with a frying pan you can save a few bucks by preparing your own meals. Medium size refrigerator is also available.




Spaghetteria Toni – Italian Place – Good food if you want Italian. Reasonable prices.


Taj Mahal – Health salads available food was excellent and reasonably priced. Just a short distance from our room. In the dining guide book which can be found at the information office. There are only 6 tables available so you may have to come back. Worth the wait


Chihuahua Mexican – Of course we have to have Mexican food while in Croatia. Who wouldn’t? Only open for dinner 1700-2300 (5pm-11pm) Food was pretty good. The enchilada is more like a burrito which is enchilada style. Rice and beans are not included so if you want that make sure you place a side order. The tacos were pretty good. Not really authentic but were tasty. Food is generally better in Dubrovnik that Split. How to get there. From the old city head out of the gate on the left side of the port. This should be the SE corner. Once you exit the gate immediately cross the street. Then head up the street which parallels the street you just crossed. It looks more like a driveway than a street. You should see the restaurant on the right after about 45 seconds. The restaurant faces the city wall with the main street below it.


Internet – Multiple places in the old city. Just walk around. Most are on the east side of the complex. There was an Irish pub, Kellies, has free wifi. Buy yourself a drink and get the code. WEP encryption. Down the main street and in other places a generic hotspot called Dubrovnik Online is available. So if you are dining some place fire up your laptop and see if can connect. 50 kuna $10 US for 24 hours. Longer periods may less. This is much cheaper than most of the internet cafes (Around $6 an hour) So you may be able to find yourself and nice bench in a quiet corner and make calls using Skype.


What To Do: There are far better resources than the “Kracht Guide” to determine what to do when in Dubrovnik. Make sure you walk the wall, 50 Kuna. This takes about 2 hours and is well worth it. While it helps if you are in shape if you’re not just take your time and you will be fine. Several sections are quite steep including the initial section if you enter near the Pile gate. If you want an easier start of it enter near the old port. Very cool. There is also a great cliff patio bar on the ocean side. SW corner. You can access this for free. Just walk towards that corner of the town and you should be able to find it. Well worth the steps it takes to get there.


50 min boat tour around 75 Kuna each unless you can find 6 people.  Better deal is to go to the island Lokrum. That’s the one right next to Dubrovnik. 40 Kuna round trip. Last return ferry at 5pm. Bring lunc and spend the day on the “beach” mostly rocks but cool non the less. There is also a small lake where you can dive. Wild peacocks are all over the place as well. Great place to hike, swim or just relax.


Paid walking tours 90 Kuna. If you want something better than the Kracht Guide you are going to have to break out your wallet and pay the professionals. My motto is “Hey look there’s some really cool old (stuff) sure don’t have that in the US” That’s about as far as I go unless it is blatantly obvious from some free placards which provide more details. Maybe I should run You Might Be a Redneck If Tours.