Hotel Villa Varos – 75 Euro per night

Clean spotless rooms

Friendly family staff

Free Wifi

Basic Satellite TV lots of German channels no English

Breakfast is about 20 Kuna at a restaurant down the street. This is where you can get a Smart car as well.

Quiet street but typical neighbor noise in the morning as people are getting ready


Other Options:

Villa Marjela – Where we were going to stay but it was full. Staff helped us find the Villa Varos so I would recommend this place just on their willingness to help of find other accommodations.


Apartments – Find one and save money around 50 Euro a night. Check out apartment-margarita.com. Great location has wifi and LAUNDRY!



We ate at:

Leut – For Breakfast

Buffet Fife

Pizza Place near hotel. Need to look up the name. Up the hill from Hotel Bellview on the right side. The restaurant entrance faces you.



Food was excellent. Variety of items including some Mexican dishes. We ate lunch but breakfast looks tempting as well. Put the Black Cat on your list.


Laundry: There is a place called Laundrette just north of the main square behind the St Francis church. Take the street on the right side of the church and you will see the laundry place on the left. This is the same way to Villa Varos. There is a grocery store a couple of doors down as well. Internet is available. Best dryers in Europe. You can leave your stuff if need be. Someone is always there and they will watch your stuff. Run by a friendly Australian family who also offer adventure tours like Sea Kayaking.


In Trogir

We ate at

On one of the busy narrow streets closer to the church (One street over)

Food was good and staff was friendly