Smart car rental in Split

We rented from Barus. They work with the hotel. No problems with the car but they goofed on refunding our deposit, a $600 goof. Currently trying to get that resolved. Otherwise happy. for reservations or book through your hotel. Villa Varos called for us which made things really easy. This company rents cars by the hr or by the day. We opted to rent a Smart for 6 hours. Cost was about 40 Euro but 24 hours would have only been 10 more. I didn’t want to deal with finding free parking so we just did the day trip. It was well worth getting a car and seeing some of the out of town sites. We went to Trogir and then down the coast to Omis (Omish) this is a really cool town worth spending some time in. I debated about buying a navigation system prior to heading to Europe. If you purchase a TomTom device in the states you can then download eastern and western European maps. $129 each roughly. While not cheap if you plan on doing a lot of driving I think a GPS is well worth it. Some rental car companies offer the option. There are simply too many dead end curvy roads which you can easily avoid by having a GPS. For example in Split in order to get out of town from where we picked up the car we had to go in an totally opposite direction from what we thought. After that things were pretty straight forward. We pilots have a keen sense of direction right? The drive from Split to Trogir takes about 40 minutes. From Split to Omis is about the same amount of time. However, since you are driving along the coast past popular beach towns your mileage may vary. Avoid rush hour.  No problems with the car. We enjoyed it and it is helping make my final decision on if I am going to buy one in the states.