Europe 2006 – Finally We’re Back!

Original Post Date: 5/8/2006

We finally went back to Europe in April after a 5 year absence. We visited Germany (Weimar and Dresden) Czech Republic (Prague) and Switzerland (Zurich and Interlaken) Thanks to our great friends Carsten and Gundala for their hospitality in Weimar. Prague rocks and of all the cities I would recommend for a first visit to Europe this would have to be #1 on my list.

Here are just a couple of pics. We are working slowly but surely on getting more online. If you want to see all of our photos they are available at Shutterfly.

From Weimar:

Anna Klever and Uncle Krachtmeister

Pics from Prague: Official Prague Tourist Information

From the Charles Bridge looking up at the castle.

The Astronomical Clock in the Old Square

Switzerland: Tourist Information

Downtown Interlaken (Train station in background)

We recommend the guidebooks from EyeWitness. View the companies website for more details.

Other Links: – Very good hotel reservation site. – If you aren’t using it yet you should. Skype allowed us to keep in touch with everyone on the cheap! – Check pricing and timetables – Germany’s rail system