Europe 2007 Final Update

Original Post: 7/31/2007

Well Prague was great. Weimar was fun. Great to see my German friends. Ended up not going to Berlin because of flight issues. We took a long train (7.5 hours) with 1 change to Interlaken. Nothing wrong with going back to Switzerland. Even though this is my 7th-8th trip here I can still find other stuff to do. Here’s an updated picture of Carsten and Gundula’s kid Anna. You can compare to last year below. I had planned to fly out of Zurich as plan B but now Geneva is looking better. Never been to Geneva so we will make up our mind in a couple of hours.

Went up to Harder Kulm for the first time. This is a fenicular ride in town in Interlaken. You pretty much go straight up, 3000ft. I hiked back down and that was pretty hard on the old knees.

Where to eat in Interlaken:

Happy Inn Brasserie 17 – Great bar food including ribs

Hirshe – Old authentic Swiss food

Mercato – Good italian food

Pizzeria Horn – Duh great Pizza

Happy Trails