Europe 2008 We Made It

Well we were lucky enough to make it to Croatia on the first try. I will be updating this site while I have down time on the road. It was a great trip. One of the best. Croatia is such a great country. I am ready to move there! Just need to win the lottery… We went to Split and Dubrovnik. Got to drive a Smart car again for a day. Good times had by all. All 2 of us that is. I would highly recommend Croatia. Folks are friendly, they all speak English, and the sites are great!

Ok so I have a 4 hour site in Reno. Yay! Time to update the blog.

How we made it to Croatia. It was a long journey to say the least. May I bore you with the details?

Phoenix – Newark

Newark – Geneva

Geneva – Vienna

Vienna – Split


Newark – Geneva – We had to clear customs, exchange coupons for tickets, go back through customs blah blah. Spent all of 2 hours in Geneva

Geneva – Vienna on Austrian Airlines CRJ 50 passenger jet with 2 flight attendants and hot food. Nice


Vienna – Split we cleared customs again but didn’t have to. Again had to exchange coupons for tickets. We tried to catch a flight 1 hour after our arrival to Vienna but there was only 1 seat available. So we ended up spending another 2 hours in the terminal to then catch a Croatian airlines flight in an ATR-42 turbo prop. Plenty of seats nice flight attendant who served a decent cold sandwich.


We arrived in Split and this is where our Global Sim card for my phone came in handy. The hotel board which had an intercom type system to local hotels didn’t work. No big deal I used my phone. It turns out that my last second reservation that I made online in Vienna was not valid for the hotel where we wanted to stay. Uh oh. I didn’t book it until we had our boarding passes, free wifi in Vienna Airport was helpful. The hotel didn’t have a room for Saturday but did for the following days. She phoned a partner hotel and told me to call back in a few minutes. Long story short she booked us at the partner hotel and we were on our way. We took the Croatian Airlines bus into town. 30 Kuna each ($6.00) from there it was a short walk to a place where the sons owner was to meet us. The hotel is called the Villa Varos. It is right in the old part of town near the water and everything else. They have Wifi or you can borrow a cable in the lobby for internet access. I will review the hotel in details later. We have been happy there. They helped us find a place in Dubrovnik as well as provide us lots of other free information. So if you don’t feel like reading the full review we would recommend the Villa Varos. If I had not had the global sim card for my phone it would have been a big pain in the behind to say the least. With it we made the necessary calls and were all set.


4 flights about 26 hours travel time