Well Annette has had the iPhone 3G for 6 months or so and I finally broke down and got one. So the iPhone is my new “Shiny Object” as Annette puts it. That means I will be spending way too much timing learning about it and all the cool things you can install, do, and hack. Yes, it is likely I will “jailbreak” my phone so I can get even more out of it. So look for lots of posts regarding the iPhone including what applications I have found most useful.

Here are a few apps that I am checking out:
http://www.nimbuzz.com/en/mobile/ – IM, Skype, kitchen sink

http://www.xumii.com/ – All in one IM app that is free some folks like a $15 app called BeejiveIM

iphonehacks.com – Good place to learn all about a variety of apps, hacks, etc for the iPhone.

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