Looking to connect your PC to your TV?

This site is full of all kinds of gadget which enable you to connect your PC to your TV. I currently don’t have a Windows Media Center PC but some of this is looking pretty promising. I know lots of people have their cable hooked up to the PC so they can record video. What I am really looking for is a device which will play streaming video from the web to the PC. More On Demand type content. So check out http://www.ehomeupgrade.com/ for more details. I am looking at the DLink 330 Media Player. It now supports streaming flash files from sites like Hulu.com, You Tube, ABC, etc. Very cool. Hulu has lots of content. If you have a vacation home and don’t want to pay for TV but have high speed internet access this could satify your desire for some TV programming.

There is also an application for the PS3 and Xbox (WII possibly coming soon) which would give you similar functionality at the Dlink 330. It is called Play On. Check it out here: http://www.themediamall.com/playon

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