Not that anybody reads my blog but I decided to start a music section. When I come across a band that I like and I think no one has heard of them I will post info here. If we are going to any shows I will also post that info. I also play guitar and I am learning drums so information related to these topics is found here as well.

WOW Lots of new stuff for the music section:

I am home sick, yes I am really sick and Dayquil is my hero. So it is time to do a whirlwind update to my blog for 2008. So much stuff has happened including lots of music stuff. I am now learning how to play the drums and playing guitar a whole lot more so look for new sub-sections here.

What am I listening to?

I just got a new Zune 80gb MP3 player so I have been searching out music to add to it.

Joe Bonamassa – This guy is seriously bad @ss!  Check him out!!! Think Stevie Ray Vaughan. Wow he blows me away! In fact I have him cranked up right now writing this post! I haven’t listened to this type of music in a while and it’s refreshing.

Chris Duarte – He is probably a bit more like SRV and also pretty darn good. Check out his MySpace page.


Truckers on Speed – Going to see these guys tonight in Tempe. They are a local band. I would classify them as Twang Rock. Just a little bit of a upbeat country sound. More rock than country though. On MySpace.