Guitar Section

Well I have played guitar poorly since I was 13 years old. That means 27 long years of making noise. Because my sweet wife bought me a new guitar for my birthday I decided to add a section to my blog. So here it is! You can travel with me on my journey to learn new things and actually sound like I have played for at least 5 years instead of the 27 that I have off and on.

Philosophy: Play hard and play loud! Most importantly just enjoy it.

Useful Links:

  • – Online lessons. Pay $20 a month and you will have tons of stuff to go through. Start with the free stuff first and see if it is for you.
  • – Really cool online version of this print magazine. You can read the entire issues online. So check it out!
  • Paul Reed Smith Guitars – Proudly made in America! by hand. Just owning one of these puts you in the cool club. Learn how to play it makes you even cooler.
  • Sweetwater Music – Good place to by all your stuff from.