Oh No We Didn’t

Well guess what. We bought a Smart car! Yeah probably a silly idea but what the heck. Unless you are Shirley Maclaine you only live once! We participated in the $99 reservation program last year. In December we were able to configure the car we wanted. It arrived in AZ when we were on our trip. Of course I am learning everything about the car and what gadgets I can add. First gadget is something called the ScanGauge II. Great device which tells you all sorts of stuff about your car. The main feature is it can show you how to improve your driving patterns to save gas. Visit www.scangauge.com for more information. Believe it or not a tall guy like me, 6′ 4″, can fit just fine. To see all of our pics including ones from ourĀ  recent trip to Europe visit our Flickr site.Smart Car

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