2010 will be the year of the eReader

Amazon started the wave but competitors like Sony and iRex are going to give Amazon a run for their money. Are the Kindle and Kindle DX great? Sure! Problem is you are locked into the Amazon store. Both Sony and iRex allow you to connect to your local library for “Free” books to check out… Continue Reading


Well Annette has had the iPhone 3G for 6 months or so and I finally broke down and got one. So the iPhone is my new “Shiny Object” as Annette puts it. That means I will be spending way too much timing learning about it and all the cool things you can install, do, and… Continue Reading

Gilbert’s Liberty Market

Across the street from the popular Joe’s BBQ is Liberty Market. Open for breakfast, lunch, and diner Liberty Market serves sandwiches, pizza, a variety of salads, one style of burger (looked good), and a variety of desert items. Visit the Liberty Market site for a complete menu. I had the picnic sandwich and Annette had… Continue Reading

Domain Name Consolidation

Well we are moving some of our Unix based sites to a new hosting provider. I will do my best to pass old domain names and folders to the right new places. Hopefully you will be able to still find this blog. If you are interested in getting a hosting account we recommend BlueHost.Com Continue Reading

New Piece of Art

Annette blew me away at my 40th birthday bash and bought me a work of art. A PRS CE22. This is something that I have dreamed of owning for 20 years! Now it will be time to enhance my guitar playing skills along with my new passion, drumming. Unreal my wife is the best! Alex… Continue Reading

Goodbye 2008 – Hello 2009

Well I haven’t updated my blog in a while and since I have not received a single email from anyone saying “hey when are you going to update your blog” I am guessing the lack of attention doesn’t matter. Anyway, lots of stuff has occured in the past couple of months. Some of the Highlights:… Continue Reading