Another cool fitness gadget

This looks really promising and may be around for the holiday season. The FitBit clip is a pedometer on steriods. Check it out for yourself. Once the product gets released and some review become available I will update this post. I still love RunGPS for Windows Mobile devices. We use it all the time… Continue Reading

Looking to connect your PC to your TV?

This site is full of all kinds of gadget which enable you to connect your PC to your TV. I currently don’t have a Windows Media Center PC but some of this is looking pretty promising. I know lots of people have their cable hooked up to the PC so they can record video. What… Continue Reading

The place to buy audio, network, iPod, etc cables

Not a very exciting post but certainly practical. I used to head to eBay to purchase cables and chargers for my various gadgets. Now I head to first. Prices are very reasonable and they don’t gouge you on shipping. So check out Monoprice when you are looking to enhance your latest gadget. Here’s what… Continue Reading

New MP3/Video Player. Zune 80

Well now that I am headed to Cleveland in October and plan on being wedged between two fat people on every flight back and forth from Phoenix I decided it was time to upgrade my mp3 player. I wanted something with video so I could tune out on the long flights. So what did I… Continue Reading

Why we own a Smart

Well we weren’t there today but this just shows why I am glad we bought the Smart car. Maybe we can get a group this large one day in Phoenix. 133 cars going down Lombard St in San Francisco on August 17th. It’s fun to drive, fun to own, and fun to hang out with… Continue Reading

Smart upgrade

I spent the weekend upgrading the radio in the Smart. Nothing like working in the garage when it is 112 outside. My fan really helped. Well not really. Go to the Smart page to see more. It was lots of fun to tear the car apart. Wish I could have had a few friends help… Continue Reading

Quick Trip to Germany

Well I escaped last week to Germany. Got back this past Monday. The reason for the trip was to pay a visit to Berlin, a city I haven’t been to since 1996, and watch some Europe 2008 Soccer! Weather was great. I arrived a week ago today and was able to see Germany beat Portugal… Continue Reading

Playing around with TomTom

Just bought a TomTom 920 GPS from Costco, $299.00 (Good deal) Now it’s time to learn everything about it. Two great features are using Google Maps and creating your own POI (Points of Interest) databases. For now I will just show you my POI example. This will let you download all of the Arizona Federal… Continue Reading