Quick Trip to Germany

Well I escaped last week to Germany. Got back this past Monday. The reason for the trip was to pay a visit to Berlin, a city I haven’t been to since 1996, and watch some Europe 2008 Soccer! Weather was great. I arrived a week ago today and was able to see Germany beat Portugal in the quarter finals. Great time in Weimar. We then went to Berlin on Friday eve where I stayed the rest of the time. My friends Albert and Tina took very good care of me. We were able to stay at Tina’s mothers flat so no expensive hotel bill. Berlin is fun and it is nice to see all of the changes. I will have to go back again and spend a bit more time there with Annette. Pictures are on our Flickr site. Enjoy.

Global Roaming Note:
I primarily used my Blauworld.de sim card since it is only about 15 cents per minute to call the US. However, both the Celtrek Global Sim and my OneSim cards worked well. I used the Celtrek for cheaper inbound calls and then returned with Blau. Yes, overly complex but this was for testing purposes. Again I used MyGlobalTalk to forward the calls from a local Phoenix number to whichever sim card I preferred. I really think this is the best possible solution for people. Get a local number and then decide where you want it to connect to. It could be your hotel if need be. Easy to change online.

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