Kenwood Radio Smart Logo Start-up Screen

Here are a couple of examples on adding the Smart logo to your Kenwood startup screen.

For the DDX-512, 5120, and possibly the 8120 here are the instructions for adding the image. If this does not work for you head to and search the message forums there.

1) To enter setup mode, press SRC+Eject, then Reset, and release once the EJECT light is on.

Give the radio a chance to reboot when you see the eject light come on then release the 2 buttons. You might have to try this a few times

2) Once the selection page loads, insert the USB with the JPEGS

3) Select the OEM

4) Select the file you want to use.

5) When the image is loaded, press Enter.

6) Your new opening will remain for a few seconds and then switch to Source Select menu.

Click image to enlarge. Then right click and save as. Filename of your choice.

2nd option