Smart Cupholder GPS Mount

Parts Required:

  • Original cup holder assembly
  • Original additional cup holder (The one that makes the cup holder taller)
  • Akron Gooseneck GPS Mount visit Akron for more ideas
  • 3/8th drill bit Part Codes:
ARK0382 – $12.11 on sale at time of purchase
ARK0680 – $4.95 Arkon Dual T to Tomtom GO 520 / 720 / 920 Slide In Pattern
GPSCheap has these product codes bundled together as well but the price is $28.11

Time to build 30-60 minutes

1. Remove the entire cup holder assembly. You will need a star key socket or screw driver. Find at your local hardware store

2. Remove the rubber assembly from the add height cup holder piece. When you look into the piece you will see the center tube. This is where we will drill a 3/8″ hole. Drill from the bottom. There is already a nice indent to make it easy

3. Put the cup holder into the main assembly and drill a hole through the main assembly

4. Screw the Akron goose neck assembly into the cup holder and cup holder assembly. Attach with provided nut

5. Re-attach the main cup holder assembly to the car.

The cup holder will now sit slightly higher since the nut is higher than the velcro used to help attach the main cup holder assembly to the car. If you want to improve on the design just create a method of making the velcro thicker and then attach to car

Additional Photos:

To see larger image files visit my Flickr web site.