Smart USB Port for Glovebox

I finally got around to adding the USB port to the Smart car. Thanks to my friend Dan for helping me with this. The entire process took about 45 min.

USB Port

Parts Lists:
1 Belkin USB adapter – $8.99 at Fry’s Electronics
1 piece of scrap aluminum to make mounting plate
2 small screws

Here’s a picture of the actual adapter:

Belkin Product Web Site

Installation Steps:

  1. Take a pen or sharp object and draw the outline of the usb plug onto the glove box
  2. Drill a hole in the glove box in order to fit a grinding bit to shape the USB port hole
  3. Shape the hole with the grinding bit but make sure you don’t make the hole too large!
  4. Take your time and attempt to place the usb adapter through the hole. When it is close use a file to smooth everything out
  5. Create a bracket out of scrap metal. You will need to cut a hole in this the same shape as the usb adapter. Again make sure the hole is not to large. The adapter should fit snug and should stick out from the metal slightly in order to account for the glove box plastic
  6. Bend the metal around the usb adapter. My piece is about 1″ wider on either side of the adapter. If the adapter is facing you the metal will wrap around top to bottom. Imagine folding a piece of bread around something. Having a vice makes this much easier.
  7. Using a hammer flatten the metal where it is bent to make a flat surface for the screws to go into
  8. Feed the usb adapter through the back of the glove box and then pre-drill the screw holes
  9. While holding the usb adapter from the back screw in the two screws
  10. Plug the cable from the radio into the usb adapter

So 10 steps isn’t too bad. As long as you are careful you shouldn’t have any problems creating the hole in the glove box.

Here’s a picture of my USB flash drive plugged into the port.

If I ever get an iPod I plan on mounting creating a similar plug.