We’ve almost made it

Ok so here’s our journey so far. PHX-EWR (Newark) EWR-GVA (Geneva) Spent 2 hours there. GVA-Vienna on Austrian almost made the flight from Vienna to Split, Croatia but only 1 seat available. Now we are waiting for the last flight of the day. Otherwise we will get to see Vienna. Not such a bad thing. We flight Austrian Arrow (Express) operated by Tyrolean. 50 seat CRJ with 2 flight attendants and a hot meal. So hopefully we make it to Split today. We are dead tired. Been up for more than 24 hours. Didn’t sleep on the flight from Newark. For some reason small kids were allowed in 1st class. Thought this was a no no and they were screaming the majority of the flight. If I had paid a full fare ticket for 1st class I would have been pissed! Sorry Continental that is a disservice to your customers. Maybe they just change the rule because it used to be you had to be around 12-13 to ride 1st class. I.E. no screaming 3 year olds. Enough of that rant… Will update when we can. If we make it to Split and the hotel we have chosen we will be happy. The hotel has WiFi yipee…. Adios

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